CityVU has been in internet advertising since 1995. To put that in context – back when we started, there was no such thing as “banner ads”, because images would take too long to download. Fast forward 20 years and we see a complex, vibrant ecosystem for digital advertising with so many options and paths to follow, it looks like it would be easy to get lost.

That is why successful clients work with successful digital advertising professionals.

Recognized Professionals

CityVU has Google AdWords professionals and Google Merchant professionals on staff. We currently manage 62 clients with search, display and merchant advertising throughout Google and its display network along with Bing/Yahoo and its display network.

From an article on SearchMetrics, “Google Shopping Ads show Biggest Growth”:

The share of Google Shopping PLA integrations more than doubled over the year, with the proportion of keywords for which at least one Google Shopping integration was displayed rising from 7.5% to 16% between January and December 2014 (there was a dip in the summer months, possibly because of the seasonal retail market slowdown).  In total, Google Shopping PLA integrations account for 44% of all integrations shown across the millions of keywords analyzed – more than any other integration².


Google Shopping has been a paid for service globally since February 2013 requiring retailers to buy PLAs incorporating images, pricing and other information in order to promote their products within Universal Search integrations for relevant keyword queries.


“The growth in the proportion of keywords for which Google Shopping Integrations are displayed represent increasing opportunities for retailers to buy Product Listing Ads and for Google to generate income from the now paid for Google Shopping service,”  explained Marcus Tober, CTO and founder of Searchmetrics

Advertising is easy. Successful advertising is a science. Speak to a professional at CityVU and we can together see if we are a good fit.


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CityVU only takes on advertising clients with a minimum $2000/month average spend.
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